About me

Fashion has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember, most especially bags and shoes.

My personal style is simple, easy and classic and this is what I’d like to bring to you!

Having been in brick and mortar retail sales for over 15 years (specifically Coach and Dooney & Bourke) then gradually transitioning to the e-commerce side of things in 2006, I now consider my specialty “fashion procurement”, albeit on a very limited scale.

I like to find what I think others are searching for, fix them up if need be, and then pass them on to you! I have sold to thousands of customers on Ebay and Etsy over the years and can proudly say that Coach has purchased several of my items for display in their archives department in New York City.

Bottega Veneta is another line I am very fond of and I have striven to familiarize myself with both current and past styles from this first-class Italian fashion house. Although vintage Coach is my specialty, when time permits I like to “dip my toe in” and “test the waters’ of the vintage designer handbag market as I never know what I might discover.

Finding great bags and passing them on to you is what I do best! Let me help you find what you’re looking for. Your next vintage bag is just one click away!